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Terms and Conditions

Those who purchase lessons at our (ATBC) Training School have agreed to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Login
You are welcome to login only after entering your User Name / Mobile Phone Number / E-mail Address and Password to learn free lessons or paid lessons.

2. Purchasing paid lessons
To purchase the lessons, you agree to pay the tuition fee only at the form specified by (ATBC).

You will only be able to view the packages you have purchased within the specified period from the date of purchase. When you login, you will only be able to access the site with a user account authorized by the Website. Your User Account; You agree not to share any passwords associated with the Website with others.

3. Change User Name and Password
Tutorial users are required to use only the User Name and Password registered on the Website at the time of purchase. You do not have the right to change it on your own. You agree to notify the Admin Team if you wish to make any changes.

4. Gossip on the Website
During the visit to the website, users may be abusive and abusive to each other. Writing and disseminating hate speech; Expressions that are considered to be against the state; Use of written language; I agree not to do any posting.

5. Copyright of ATBC Training School.
ATBC has been conducting philanthropic training since 2019.

ATBC was licensed on 22.7.2020 and began providing higher education services in 2020 under the name ATBC – Digital Business Institute.

Therefore, without the official permission of the Admin Team, you will not be able to download the audio files of ATBC lessons. Video files; Pictures Pdfs Copying other data; Repair Duplication; Distribution Reshare Agree not to resell